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Property (lot on plan) Searches

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Available payment types: Credit Card

This service allows you to order a search on a property by the lot and plan numbers. More than one search type may be selected and paid for together but each set of results will be dispatched to you separately.

  • Contaminated Land Search results will be automatically emailed back on the same day, or you can pay extra for the results to be returned by fax or post.
  • Coastal Search results will be emailed to you, normally within three weeks.
  • Certificates of Affect are immediately available online after successful payment, but you can choose to also have the certificate(s) emailed or posted.

For summary information regarding each available search, refer to the About this service option. It also has help, hints and tips on how to complete a search request transaction.

Please select the search types (select one or multiple if you wish to perform multiple searches on the same lot on plans):

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  • General enquiries 13QGOV (13 74 68)